Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tyler Does Power Cleans, Military Press, Squats

Had a fun day in the gym for our Saturday track lifting. I brought in my camera to get video of some exercises- very interesting as I had never seen myself lift from the third-person view before. I'll go through my workout and do a little self-analysis on the lifts.

Today's Training.
Mostly keeping the weights in a comfortable range. Were getting in to track season so I want everything to be fast and explosive, no grinding reps or having to psych myself up for a really heavy set (save it for the off-season). This is something Dan John and I talked about at his seminar a couple weeks ago.
  1. Power Cleans: 
    1. 135 x 5 (warmup)
    2. 185 x 3 (warmup)
    3. 205 x 3 (video 1)
    4. 205 x 3
    5. 205 x 3
    6. 205 x 3
    7. 225 x 1 (video 2)
  2. Military Press:
    1. 45 x 5 (warmup)
    2. 75 x 5
    3. 95 x 5
    4. 115 x 3 (video 3)
    5. 145 x 2
  3. Squat:
    1. 135 x 5
    2. 185 x 5
    3. 225 x 3
    4. 275 x 3 (video 4)
  4. D/B Farmer's Walks
    1. 3 x 1 lap w/ 85 lb dumbells
Video 1: Power Clean 205 x 3

I feel like this is pretty good overall. Watching it in slow motion, I notice that my hips could extend and "pop" more, and my elbows are pulling a little bit too early. Fixing these two things should make this even easier.

 Video 2: Power Clean 225 x 1

I felt pretty good about this too. Catch could have been a little bit more smooth w/ high elbows, and I still need to pop the hips and keep the arms straight as long as possible.

Video 3: Military Press 115 x 3

Since watch Mark Rippetoe's Basic Barbell Lifts DVD, my military press form has improved significantly. The bar is more or less traveling in a vertical path with my head pushing through my arms at the top. More practice will smooth it out further.

Video 4: Squat 275 x 3

Not bad on the squats either. I've been staying pretty light lately and I think my strength has gone down a little bit because this did not feel as easy as usual. Everything looks pretty solid, but my hips came up a little too fast on the last rep.

See anything I missed? Let me know what you think in the comments. Any tips are appreciated!


  1. Great work man! Making those squats look pretty easy---sweet!

    Rock on
    Mike T Nelson PhD(c)