Friday, September 30, 2011

A Tour of Evolutionary Health Systems

* New Website is now up

I recently posted an article that Tony Gentilcore shared on facebook, and wrote a guest article for Eric Cressey's blog. Since then several hundred of you have clicked your way through to my site. Welcome! And thanks to Eric and Tony!

Here's a brief introduction for people who are new to the blog:

I just graduated (this August) with a degree in Kinesiology and certificate in Exercise Nutrition from Humboldt State University. Earlier this month I passed my NSCA-CSCS exam and have been USAW olympic lifting certified since 2008. I ran the Track and Field Decathlon (ten sprinting, jumping, and throwing events) at HSU. My studies heavily focused on how nutrition and exercise impact hormonal status and how we can use nutrition to look, feel, and perform better. I've been reading about and testing nutrition information since about 2006. I finished my course work in May of this year and immediately moved to the east coast to intern at Cressey Performance, where I spend three months working in the gym for 50 hours a week with high school, college, and elite athletes.

Here's a video of me lifting a few months ago. I've put on over 24 pounds of lean mass since then while training at Cressey Performance; I will write about this soon.

At the end of August, I moved back to California where I'm continuing my nutrition practice, Evolutionary Health Systems, and designing nutrition and exercise programming for athletes, students, and online distance clients. You can read about my services here.

This is my blog where you can contact me and read my thoughts on nutrition, exercise, sports, and whatever else is on my mind.

Here are some of my most popular pages:

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Welcome and thanks to Tony and Eric!

Saturday, September 3, 2011