Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Tips for Conventional Meats

Don over at Primal Wisdom recently wrote a post about one of the dangers of conventional meat, antibiotic resistant bacteria. You can read about it here: Conventional Meat May Contain MAR Bacteria: What To Do About It

In the post he made a list of 7 tips for buying and cooking conventional meats. They're great tips and I have reproduced them here:
1.  If eating conventional meats, eat less turkey and pork compared to beef and chicken.   
2.  Consider buying meat frozen or freezing it after purchase, because freezing can reduce microbial concentrations by up to 97-99%. 
3.  Eat more whole cuts of meat and less ground meat, since ground meats may have bacteria in them whereas whole cuts will generally only have bacteria on the outside surfaces. 
4. Wash your hands and counters after handling uncooked conventional meats. 
5.  Cook conventional meat adequately. 
6.  Whenever possible, get grain-fed meats from animals raised without antibiotics. You can get them from local farmers, butcher shops, and some 'natural' markets.  In Arizona, Sprouts Market and Sunflower Market both sell grain-fed meats from animals raised without antibiotics.  Animals raised without antibiotics very likely have lower counts of antibiotic-resistant microbes.  
7.  When economically practical, buy meat directly from farmers who raise their animals without antibiotics on pasture or species-appropriate diets.    


  1. I am impressed with your guidance. These tips are looking great. Conventional meat and poultry are fed conventional food, the grain usually be, as carbohydrates are so affective in the fattening of animals and humans.

  2. Thanks for commenting eye lift. Your right about concentrated carbohydrate sources being very effective at fattening animals.

    I'm guessing english isn't your first language.. Where are you from?

  3. Great advice on conventional meats. I was looking for it. In fact, I was felt bit of insecure for taking conventional meats. After getting proper guidance from you, I am quite relief.