Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Deadlift World Record!

1015 pounds raw deadlift...


  1. This guy is Icelandic, like me.

    We're actually a population of a little over 300 thousand, and we've had two men win the world's strongest man competition, for a total of 8 years (each of them one four times).

    I believe we've also won the world's beauty contest two times.

    Iceland = really strong guys, very pretty ladies

  2. I wonder how big this man is ...
    I feel very very small right now.

  3. Kris,
    Thats pretty incredible. From the sound of it, I may have to come visit you in Iceland sometime and meet some of the pretty ladies...

    Apparently he's just under 6 ft and weighs 380 pounds... I can't imagine what that would be like.

  4. I'd recommend coming during july or august, the country is very beautiful during the summer.

  5. Wow ... that's big ... practically 3 times my size. Humans are so diverse ...

  6. Really nice video and it is surprised me. Really big man and his strength is extraordinary.