Saturday, March 26, 2011

Tyler's Top Reads #1

I subscribe to and keep updated on about 70 different blogs. These range through nutrition, anthropology, exercise, political science, and psychology. I'm going to start posting a recap of some of my favorite content that comes up once a week. 

Top Reads #1

Chris Masterjohn writes about some of the things that he finds important for getting great sleep. I agree with every point he makes here, great info.
2. Why Did We Evolve a Taste for Sweetness? - Perfect Health Diet
Paul Jaminet writes on why we probably developed a taste for sugar. The content at the Perfect Health Diet blog is really good. 
3. Fasting insulin and weight loss - Hyperlipid
"I am on blog as stating that dietary fat, in common with carbohydrate, is stored in the aftermath of a meal. If you did not store your dietary fat it would sit there in your chylomicrons until you were as hyperlipaemic as a diabetic on an ADA approved low fat diet. All fat which is not used for on going metabolism must be stored." Technical for a layreader, but very interesting. 
4. 9 Steps to Perfect Health – #9: Practice Pleasure - The Healthy Skeptic
 "We know that when we’re faced with stress, a cascade of physiological changes occur triggered by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system: blood flow increases to the muscles, lungs and other areas needed to mobilize us for action, and decreases to areas like the digestive and reproductive system that aren’t necessary for immediate survival. Hormones like adrenaline pump through our body to make us stronger and faster. Extra fuel (glucose) is released from the liver so that it can be burned quickly for energy."
5. Seth Roberts and Circadian Therapy - Perfect Health Diet
 This fits right in with the sleep post at #1. Some unique ideas on sleep and body rhythms.  

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