Thursday, November 11, 2010

Cognitive dissonance in government institutions

The System.
Jamie Scott runs a great blog called Primal Muse and writes articles on evolutionary medicine and nutrition. In this post, he displays a correspondence between himself and "Dr Doug Lush - Principle Advisor on Human Health and having held previous positions with the Ministry of Health and the New Zealand Heart Foundation".

Cognitive Dissonance.
The exchange is about the conflict between evolutionary nutrition principles and government/institutional recommendations. Despite being in New Zealand's system, it's incredibly applicable to our own predicament in the United States. Jamie writes and awesome letter and "attached a meta-analysis that spanned 21 studies and ~350000 subjects, and a Cochrane Collaboration report" to back up his stance, after which the former government official replies that his stance should be backed up by evidence based meta analysis and information from the Cochrane Collaboration... did he even read Jamie's email? The absurdity of this is killing me and I feel Jamie's frustration.

Check it out here:

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